Max Keep Moving

vetoquinol_logo Will donate $5 in your pet's name Meet Max
Max In the beginning...
Max was
an out of shape

couch potato who didn’t
have the energy to play
with friends.
Max After a visit to his vet, Max
Max’s owner
realized his dog
wasn’t just

he was suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • 1 in 5 dogs over the age of one suffers from osteoarthritis
Max As recommended during his vet consultation,
Max began the
Mobility Program

to get off the couch and back
on his paws!
Medical Treatment

Osteoarthritis is a complex disease whose clinical signs reflect different degrees of pain and inflammation. Your veterinarian and veterinary staff are the most qualified to advise you on the best options of medical treatment for your pet.

Weight Management
Physical rehabilitation
Follow up
Max Today,
Max is happy
healthy and
loves to play

But he needs your help to fight osteoarthritis!